❓Guest Question: Upcoming Endo Appointment

Donna Asked:

Can someone please help me?  Over the past few years I have gained over 40 lbs, suffer from extreme fatigue, muscle cramps, headaches, just to name a few. I also have a hump between my shoulders. I have gone to see my primary care physician and asked about Cushing’s syndrome and she said that there’s just no way I could have this because it is so rare. I asked for a referral to see a endocrinologist and she finally agreed. After doing some research on this debilitating disease, I am convinced that I am it’s next victim. I am so scared. What can I expect from this endo appointment?

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  1. Responses from Facebook:

    Shauna : Heard all that for 4 years before my doc sent me to endocrinologist who took great pleasure in calling my doc to advise and ask what surgeon she should sent me too.

    Robyn: I did all the research and my dr did the testing to shut me up. I was right, unfortunately, and do have Cushings. You have to advocate for yourself.

    Diana :You will need a variety of tests, if she says just one test, move on.
    She’s wrong. Find a doctor who is willing to test and not tell you what you couldn’t possiblly have.

    Maxine: I heard that same bs. Get a 2nd opinion. It might save your life

    Sheryl: Get them to check your cortisol level.

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