Jessica H

Today is National Cushing’s Awareness Day.

My story with Cushing’s has been shared before. I was laughed at, ridiculed, and told to “diet and exercise” for many, many years by doctors who had no clue what I had. I had no clue. It took over 25 years with this disease before I finally saw a doctor who cared and helped me. I had Cushing’s Disease. Now to fix my new health issues I have a secondary form of Cushing’s bit thanks to Mary Kelly O’Connor and the support she has created for thousands of people I am stronger and ready for the fight.

Why do we share? Because there are a lot of people with this disease who have doctors like I had. Very few doctors even have half a clue what Cushing’s is. They look at the symptoms separately and do not put them all together into the whole disease. Nor do most doctors know how to test for it. Or how to read those tests. Let us know if you need help.

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I accepted the challenge by Caroline Hastings to post the covers of seven books I love — no explanation, no review, just the covers. Each time I post a cover I’ll ask a friend to take up the challenge as well.

Today I challenge a wonderful woman who I really admire Mary Kelly O’Connor who can disregard if she’s already been tagged or doesn’t want to take part (completely understand as I know these posts can be annoying) but I just wanted to select you because as the founder of the website that saved my life when I was diagnosed and I made some wonderful life-long friends all across the World as a result. I am so glad I found that website and the beautiful souls that shared their stories and wealth of knowledge.

The book I have chosen is special and relates to that time when I was questioning why it was all happening to me and my family. Thank you Mary xx

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