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Yesterday I read my blog from beginning to end. It was rather emotional for me but I’m so glad I documented as much as I did because I have forgotten a lot of details. What I kept thinking was how much http://cushings-help.com was what got me through, all the information and the support from forum members kept me going. I was going to send you a message to thank you but decided it needed to be said publicly. Thank you so much, you saved my family.

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Tricia B

Rare disease day was yesterday. The woman who wrote this article is one of the first I met in my journey with Cushing’s Disease. She has helped save many lives by putting a name to a random collection of symptoms that so often get dismissed by the medical community.

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What am I doing for Rare Disease Day? For me, it’s more that one day out of the year. Each and every day since 1987, I tell anyone who will listen about Cushin…

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New Testimonial From NotSoCushie

Thank God for Mary O and her insight to help us all. Take care. Good health.

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Janet B

Your efforts need to be recognized and so happy that they were at the major conference. You are proof that one person can affect thousands of others in a positive way. Just wish I had found your site when I was going through Cushings and not after the surgery. But trying to make the most out of the opportunity you have given us survivors to help others understand the illness and cope with it. Thanks again Mary O.

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Kim B

I started with Cushings-help.com too. Great website. I do like it more than fb. I wish everyone would go back there. On fb all of the info gets lost and all of the same questions and answers are repeated constantly. I think It would be more useful to keep adding this info to the knowledge base there and All of the answers are there.

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