I accepted the challenge by Caroline Hastings to post the covers of seven books I love — no explanation, no review, just the covers. Each time I post a cover I’ll ask a friend to take up the challenge as well.

Today I challenge a wonderful woman who I really admire Mary Kelly O’Connor who can disregard if she’s already been tagged or doesn’t want to take part (completely understand as I know these posts can be annoying) but I just wanted to select you because as the founder of the website www.cushings-help.com that saved my life when I was diagnosed and I made some wonderful life-long friends all across the World as a result. I am so glad I found that website and the beautiful souls that shared their stories and wealth of knowledge.

The book I have chosen is special and relates to that time when I was questioning why it was all happening to me and my family. Thank you Mary xx

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Judy K

Yesterday I read my blog from beginning to end. It was rather emotional for me but I’m so glad I documented as much as I did because I have forgotten a lot of details. What I kept thinking was how much http://cushings-help.com was what got me through, all the information and the support from forum members kept me going. I was going to send you a message to thank you but decided it needed to be said publicly. Thank you so much, you saved my family.

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