Kim B

I started with too. Great website. I do like it more than fb. I wish everyone would go back there. On fb all of the info gets lost and all of the same questions and answers are repeated constantly. I think It would be more useful to keep adding this info to the knowledge base there and All of the answers are there.

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Jenn H

Agree! Back in 2000 with my first bout of Cushing’s, after I got my diagnosis I searched online and initially only found pictures of dogs with Cushing’s. I was petrified. But then I found MaryO and that community and knew I wasn’t alone.

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Christina P

Congratulations! You helped save my life! I’ve said it since the day I found your website and realized that what was wrong with me was Cushing’s Disease. I am forever grateful to you and for you, Mary. THANK YOU for sharing your experience with others and building a network of education, support, and friendship. I am 8 years post op hoping to get to 30 some day! Much love to you

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Sharon K

You have truly brought information, hope, and encouragement to so many. There’s no way to appreciate fully all you did by unselfishly beginning and maintaining the message boards and the rest of the sites. The boards helped guide me through the awful Cushing’s maze to other Cushies and to medical help. Thank you, dear lady!

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Gina G

Happy B-day MaryO & the message boards! Mary, I’m convinced you won’t know till you get to heaven, how many lives you’ve help save & how much comfort you’ve brought to some of the sickest people on earth. Can’t thank you enough!

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Mike P

…Thanks for paving the way for so many of us to have a road to follow. It’s surely not been the straightest or had it’s fill of potholes. BUT as rollercoaster riders AND Journey Zebra Warriors. WE stand United AND will carry on. NO matter OUR obstaclessss.. Hugs and Smiles ALWAYS to U AND Urs. Mike.

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