Karen Nolan, Cyclic Cushing’s, part 2


Karen (Rooon55), part 2, March 20, 2008. Karen’s disease started when she was a little girl (7) and she finally got a diagnosis in 2005. She had cycling Cushing’s, Thyroid disease, GH deficiency, and Auto immune Alopecia. She believes she is cured after two Pituitary surgeries. A doctor didn’t advise Vermont’s Karen Nolan (Rooon on the boards) that she might be one of the scant 3.5 per million people diagnosed annually with Cushing’s disease – another Cushing’s patient did.

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One thought on “Karen Nolan, Cyclic Cushing’s, part 2

  1. I’ve been told they are unable to determine how long someone has had cushings. How did you know it started at 7? I think mine started at 9 but they don’t know. Also how were you diagnosed with GH defincency? My endo mentioned they might test me. Just curious what tests are involved.

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