❣️Happy 19th Birthday Cushing’s Help!

It’s unbelievable but the idea for Cushing’s Help and Support arrived 19 years ago late last night. I was talking with my dear friend Alice, who ran a wonderful menopause site called Power Surge, wondering why there weren’t many support groups online (OR off!) for Cushing’s and I wondered if I could start one myself and we decided that I could.

Thanks to a now-defunct Microsoft program called FrontPage, the first one-page “website” (http://www.cushings-help.com) first went “live” July 21, 2000 and the message boards September 30, 2000.

All our Cushing’s-related sites:


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  1. A comment from the message boards – “t’s incredible to think how far things have come since then and that the boards have been around that long. I can’t even imagine trying to get diagnosed almost two decades ago. Thanks for creating and providing an invaluable resource for so many years”

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