⁉️ Have You Had Treatment for Cushing’s?

Survey for Cushies who’ve had treatment!

Fellow Cushing’s Survivors NEED YOUR VOICES and recovery experiences to help assess our needs and guide advocacy projects within the medical community! Adults of all Cushie types welcome!

Google-Form Survey: http://bit.ly/CushingsRecoverySurvey. Results will be anonymous!

Questions? Reach out: CushingsRecovery@gmail.com
Developed by Andrea Patten, Andrea Hauenstein, & Karen H.

4 thoughts on “⁉️ Have You Had Treatment for Cushing’s?

  1. Your Zebra av makes sense to me. My son the doctors call him a Zebra regarding his medical & now brain. Issues from cortisol damage . I’ve traveled 26,000 miles trying to battle this disease with him. His name is Nick

    • I had surgery last October for Cushing’s syndrome; had adrenal gland tumor (incidentaloma) and gland removed. Last two years have been a nightmare. Would you mind sharing a little about your son’s illness, especially as you mention his brain – ? What kind of brain problems has he been having? I’m so sorry he is having to go through so much (and you!)

      Thanks for sharing.

  2. I had pituitary surgery for cushings disease in 2005, had a reoccurance and had gamma knife radiation in 2007, it took 6 years for them to diagnose me from this disease, wish more doctors were more knowledgeable with this disease and more willing to listen to their patients, instead of assume they are just over weight that caused your health issues

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