🎤 Interview Archive: Mary O’Connor (MaryO) interviewed Robin Smith (staticnrg)


Mary O’Connor, Cushings-Help.com founder interviewed Robin Smith (staticnrg). Robin had Cushing’s for over 20 years, at least. Of course, no one figured it out or even put two and two together until her new PCP whom Robin found in 2004 said “endocrine”. She didn’t figure it out, either, but at least Robin had a piece of the puzzle and Robin found www.cushings-help.com. Robin immediately went into denial and left for several months until Robin got so sick Robin knew she had to…

Listen to the interview at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cushingshelp/2008/02/15/symptoms-and-diagnosis-part-2-cushings-message-board-members

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