It is more than amount

Taking hydrocortisone – seems like a lifelong thing for so many of us! I’ve been taking it for over 20 years, every day.


I have been taking hydrocortisone for almost a year now and I have to do a 24 hour urine free cortisol. This is old hat *boom boom chick* for me. I went to the lab yesterday to pick up the jugs. Yes, you heard right – JUGS. Plural. I did these all of the time when I was testing for Cushing’s and after. I usually try to restrict how much I drink but I am really uncomfortable on tests that I get it all in 1 jug. I really need 2 and could easily have done 3 before. The technician was shocked when I asked for multiple jugs and told me that I could just bring it in something else because she really only needs to know the volume and can take the aliquot out of the one jug with acid in it.

*thoughts about the other times that I…

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