From MaryO’s Bio

My key was the very best minimally invasive surgeon I could find on the planet. I found him, with much help from selfless and thorough Cushing’s advice source Mary O’Connor’s

Mary is my true hero in the lifelong Cushing’s story of my time. Without her dedication to Cushing’s and helping other people find help, I would be somewhere today lost & still fluttering in the wind, undiagnosed or probably dead…Mary runs her site out of pocket, so please stop over and donate to her cause, I use Paypal. 🙂

She is truly and directly saving lives with her work, and at the very least should not have to be worried about money to keep the place going. She also has health issues of her own that I would prefer to see magically disappear and fix, for Mary deserves a long healthy happy life with Tom. 🙂