Webinar: Good Hormone Health Webinar Sunday July 9, 2023, 2023. 6 PM PST

YOU’RE INVITED! GoodHormoneHealth Webinar on Oh-Oh-Oh-Ozempic

Dr. Theodore Friedman (The Wiz) will giving a webinar on Ozempic and other new weight loss medicines.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Who should go on weight-loss medications?
  • Which weight-loss medications are the best?
  • What are the side effects?
  • How do they work with diet and exercise?
  • How do you get insurance coverage?
  • There will be an opportunity for patients to share their experience on Facebook

Sunday • Jul 9, 2023  • 6 PM PDT

Via Zoom Click here to join the meeting or

Join on Facebook Live – https://www.facebook.com/goodhormonehealth

Slides will be available on the day of the talk here.
There will be plenty of time for questions using the chat button.
For more information, email us at mail@goodhormonehealth.com

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