🦓 Day 23: Cushing’s Awareness Challenge 2018

I have seen this image several places online and it never ceases to crack me up. Sometimes, we really have strange things going on inside our bodies.

Usually, unlike Kermit, we ourselves know that something isn’t quite right, even before the doctors know. Keep in touch with your own body so you’ll know, even before the MRI.

I asked doctors for several years – PCP, gynecologist, neurologist, podiatrist – all said the now-famous refrain. “It’s too rare. You couldn’t have Cushing’s.” I kept persisting in my reading, making copies of library texts even when I didn’t understand them, keeping notes. I just knew that someone, somewhere would “discover” that I had Cushing’s.

Finally, someone did.

These days, there’s no excuse to keep you from learning all you can about what’s going on with you. There are your computer, books and the internet. Keep reading and learning all you can. You have a vested interest in what’s going on inside, not your doctor.


One thought on “🦓 Day 23: Cushing’s Awareness Challenge 2018

  1. Mary this strikes a chord with me. I believe people get Cushings because their bodies can’t tolerate starch but it doesn’t show up until the starch turns to sugar and we become diabetic. My endocrinologist won’t listen to me. I told my endo Cushings symptoms returned because of eating starches. He wouldn’t give me the 24 HR urine cortisol test. I went to my family doctor and asked him for the test it came back showing high cortisol. I also had the 8am and 4pm blood work which came back high indicating Cushings. I sent both those reports to my endo who is in the process of setting up an appointment for me. Finally I have clinical proof. It will be interesting to see how my endo will proceed.

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