Before you judge the next obese person you see, read this article. This guy was fortunate. It took me over 25 years to find someone who figured out what was wrong with me. And it was when I had the internet and found a great PCP in 2006. She knew it was endocrine. I Googled my symptoms and the word endocrine. I found Mary Kelly O’Connor’s boards (on and got so much help and support there. Through them, I found a doctor who is a specialist (probably THE specialist in the U.S.) and was diagnosed after strenuous testing for several months. Local endos and those at UVA failed me. They told me to “diet and exercise” as if I was too dumb to try that already.

Cushing’s causes muscle weakness, joint pain and problems, and so much more. Obesity is just one of many terrible symptoms and side effects. It causes diabetes and cardiac issues. And on and on….

So, be kind to those you meet who might be dealing with this and just not know it.

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