From MaryO’s Original Bio

I so enjoyed the interview with Cushing’s Help Founder, Mary O’Connor. Jayne, you did a great job! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mary since before became a reality. Mary puts an unusual amount of time and effort into her incredibly informative and invaluable Web site. Mary IS Cushing’s Help.

If there’s any new technology where Mary can spread the word about Cushing’s, she’ll find it. This new blogtalkradio is another excellent venue where Mary can continue her endless help for those suffering from Cushing’s and related disorders.

I’m personally so proud of all that she’s accomplished, especially when through it all, she’s still dealing with her own health issues, but that doesn’t stop her! I’m proud to call her my “friend.”

Keep up the good work, MaryO! Alice Stamm (aka Dearest)