April 8th is Cushings Awareness Day. I seem to forget about this day every year until my fellow “Cushies” remind me through their posts giving thanks and remembering the man who discovered the disease. Harvey Cushing. My Cushings and hypothyroidism journey started in my early 20s. I was 41 when I was finally given a diagnosis for my symptoms, something other than “you’re too young”, “you’re being lazy”, “push away from the table”, “your fatigue is from running around after 3 kids”. I don’t reflect on the illness very often but am very grateful for God’s guidance to get me on a path to healing and for Mary Kelly O’Connor and her diligence in creating a support group website that many of us feel was literally a lifesaver. I still have some after effects of the disease and didn’t heal quite as nicely as some but am thankful to be here today. Still have concentration, fatigue, and weight issues but do my best to eat whole foods, stay active, and enjoy life. I didn’t want to age like this but I’m making the best of it! Listen to your body, stay positive, and be your own advocate!