Catherine B

Thank you Mary Kelly O’Connor for making a great list on your blog so I didn’t have to come up with one myself. Because Cushing’s Disease affects some 70% of the body’s systems and functions, as you can imagine, it messes with everything! There would be a HUGE list of symptoms if we were to all make our own list and add them together. This is just a good list of some of the most common symptoms.

Please also remember that you do not have to have ALL of these. After my mother-in-law died from untreated Cushing’s, my husband and I read up on it a bit and decided it just couldn’t be what was going on with me –I wasn’t sick enough (at that time) and didn’t have enough of the symptoms. The joke’s on us, eh? Please, don’t waste time in getting to a diagnosis. Cushing’s kills, and the longer you wait, the sicker you get. The sooner you get to treatment, generally the faster and more fully you recover.

(On Facebook, April 7, 2014)