Finding the team

Another great article from Kelly 🙂


Finding good doctors is so frustrating. The one that is good for one person, may not be good for another person. I have also found that sometimes a friend will rave about their doctor and then I find out later that they had serious problems that their doctor was ignoring. I have also found that some of my best doctors were “the worst doctor” someone else has ever seen. There have been times that I have asked for a referral from a doctor only to find that it was not a good choice at all. There are so many things that come into play here.

One of the things that I have found to be the best approach for me is when I look at what my needs are and then try to figure out which doctor has the best approach for that problem. This requires a lot of work…

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Sometimes it isn’t you but them…really.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, even though it’s hard.


This is one that has always been very hard for me. I have seen and identified the issue multiple times but it is hard for me to really get it. In my mind, the professional should be able to know when they are off. They should be able to identify when they have the wrong perspective. I have been able to do that in my work life, they should too. The thing is that this doesn’t happen and we are really likely to be the ones hurt. We are even more vulnerable as rare illness patients. This can cause lasting damage from misdiagnoses and such. I really believe that this is an underestimated problem. I can think of more than 5 times that this has happened to me…I know it has happened rather than assumed.

In our groups, we often hear people rant that the doctor is an idiot and…

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