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This came up in the comments to https://cushingsbios.com/2018/11/17/jayne-in-the-media/

The question is

I dropped by this site because my friend’s daughter has Cushings and I wanted to learn more. Is there any chance that Cushings might be manageable or improvable in a way similar to what Izabella Wentz proposes for Hashimotos?

What do you think?

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  1. I believe Cushings can be improved through taking out starches in our diet. I have blood work and 24 HR urine results that need to be looked at by researchers because my endocrinologist is not helpful. When he looked at the results of bloodwork he said I had a Cushings recurrence. Then after a second 24 HR urine it came back not a recurrence with almost normal cortisol levels. It is because when I stay on a no starch diet after about 8 to 10 months I get rid of many of the cushings symptoms. But he won’t listen to me or believe me. If I put starch back in my diet I will go back to Cushings again. I was tempted to do this to prove my point but I don’t want to be sick for another 8 to 10 months again. I am.losing too.much of my.life to.illness to deliberately make myself sick again. I need to find a research facility to send my bloodwork and urine results to.with my theory. I need to get people curious enough about this to want to try this diet. Isn’t it worth a try to get our health back? No.one believes me. Endocrinologist doesn’t understand what we go.through or how bad we feel. It must have been the same thing when the person said that some diabetes can be cured through taking out the sugars. I’m sure doctors wouldn’t believe that person either. Does anyone have any ideas where I can send my info to. Mary O you are so knowledgeable and keep up with new research do you have any suggestions. If you want I can send you my test results to see what you would make of this. Its interesting. And shocking.

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