❓Can You Help?

I’m on my second round of GH (I had to stop the first time due to cancer). I’ve been on Omnitrope since 2006 and the threads inside my pen must have worn down – I’m having a lot of trouble injecting it now.

I insert the needle and have to balance on the edge of the countertop in the bathroom and sort of lean in. Has anyone else had to replace the pen? I told my insurance company who sends the actual drug and they said “not us”. I don’t know if my endo has to prescribe another “starter kit” or what.

I did find a website that will sell me a new one for $200 but I’d rather not buy one that way. I found nothing on the Novartis website about this, either :(


Please respond here or on the message boards.


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    • Yes, I did, thanks. I called them (877.456.6794) and I got my new pen the next day.

      Others said they got a whole new kit every 3 years. I’ve never got a new kit since 2006 – seems like they owe me one, anyway – or 5! HA

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