❣️The Message Boards Turn 21 Today! ❣️

Today  is the birthday, or anniversary, of the Cushing’s Help message boards.  They were started September 30, 2000 (The rest of the site started earlier that year on July 21, 2000)

As of today, we have 73,130 members who have made countless posts.

Find the message boards here: http://cushings.invisionzone.com/

3 thoughts on “❣️The Message Boards Turn 21 Today! ❣️

  1. Comments from Facebook (some were just memes and images):

    1) Thank you Mary for all you have done to help Cushing’s Patients.

    2) It’s impossible to count the number of lives saved. The only advocacy group left not taken over by drug Company lobbyists

    3) Wow 20 years! I know I wouldn’t be here without Mary’s group and there are hundreds more like me! Congratulations Mary!!

    4) Mary, I can’t believe it’s been 20 years! I still remember my dial-up internet and our posting on the treads. Thank you my sweet friend for all you’ve done. We’ve been on this long journey together for so many years and we have a lot to be proud of. There’s still a ways to go but but we’ve done a lot! Love you!!!

    5) Ohh my gosh!! Congrats!!!🎉🎉🎉 Found your site about 14 years ago this month. I knew it was me within 10 minutes of reading stories. I wouldn’t have been able to get diagnosed within 2 years without your site.

    6) Mary, hugs and congratulations. I was very very I’ll when I stumbled onto your site. Hopeless, helpless and in agony. I had exhausted all options in my state. I don’t even remember why I was on a Cushing site. I did not have Cushing. You were so empathetic and compassionate to have sections for other rare endocrine diseases. I had acromegaly with crazy blood work. I was considering whether to get a walker. I found the doctor who saved my life on your site. I am grateful everyday for you! I am healthy and rocking my senior years. May your life be as blessed as you have made mine.

  2. More from Facebook:

    7) You’ll never know on this side of life, the impact your dedication & hard work has created. I’m forever grateful to you!!

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