❓Guest Question: Legal Assistance for Cushing’s Patients


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I believe I need legal assistance related to i humane treatment by city and/or county officials. I can explain further, if need be, once I find out if it’s even possible to get help. And I certainly cannot afford to pay an attorney, since my income is SSD (Disability), which is low and fixed, which has been the case since Cushing’s reared it’s remorseless, destructive head in 2008. Is there any legal assistance fund set up for Cushing’s patients?


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  1. I was wondering if there’s a way tio get body lift surgery paid for by insurance. I had my tumor removed and lost a lot of weight and have a lot of extra skin. I’m older so I know it’s not going to firm up again. I feel it should be because of the Cushing’s and not my “lack of will power.”

  2. Like you I was diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome . I don’t believe what they told me about the too much asthma medication why because although they were prescribed Throughout my life I never did take them much at all. For me it changed my life forever since my operation I have not been able to feel good although they say I am cured . I think that you had to go through so much . I wonder though when the medical field will take the «  after Cushing’s life «  seriously . We fight to get a diagnose , sometimes after decades of organ malfunctions . Then if we don’t get well we have to go through the same fight a lover again . I pray for the day they will find out what this disease is all about and why some people get better and others never really recover although their adrenal seems to be normal several symptoms are still very much present. Being called mentally challenged because we would just like to be like a normal person it is hurtful and discouraging at times.
    Thanks for your story very moving and congrats.

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