❓What do YOU Think?


Do you think allergies are worse post-op?

I posted on Facebook that I’ve learned the hard way that I had an allergic reaction to blackberries. I’ve known about my strawberry allergy for decades and have avoided them mostly successfully. Apparently, they’re both in the same class of allergens 🙁

These blackberries were in an ice cream. And it was a good ice cream. Drat!

I have a lot more steroids to take for a few days. Oh, joy! And, another wean at the end.

Someone responded: “The further we get from Cushings, the more allergies surface. So glad you got help. Scary stuff!

I said: “I guess it’s because we don’t have so much cortisone already running in our bodies.”
Someone else asked: “Is that true? I seem to be allergic to pollen amd mold now?
And I responded: “I don’t know but it makes sense now that I think of it. I’m definitely allergic to more things than I was Before Cushing’s

So, in my informal poll – what do you think?  Are your allergies worse or are you having new ones after Cushing’s?

12 thoughts on “❓What do YOU Think?

  1. Yes absolutely. Post surgery 7 years and I have low tolerance for food and real allergies to things and food.

  2. 2 Comments from Facebook:

    1) Plagued with horrid allergies before surgery. Having my Cushing’s tumor removed from my lung ended that and every other paraneoplastic disease it was causing.

    2) Having unknown allergies postop.

  3. Another Facebook Comment:

    I get rashes and hives before I start going through cortisol withdrawl and have to start my emergency doses

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