❓Guest Question: PTSD and Cushings

I’m wondering if anyone post surgery is dealing with PTSD, specifically feeling like you are re-experiencing Cushings when you are having anxiety. I’m almost 3 years post surgery and have regular panic attacks where I feel like I am re-living having the disease

Please either respond here or in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “❓Guest Question: PTSD and Cushings

  1. Every ache or pain or out of the ordinary experience triggers anxiety. I am 7 years post op. I don’t have panic attacks per se, but I do get upset and frightened. These feelings also occur when the doctor sends me for routine testing just to make sure there is no relapse. It is also sometimes triggered when I hear others discussing their trials and tribulations with Cushing’s. I want to help and offer comfort and advice but many times I can’t because I get too wound up.

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