⁉️ Cushing’s Survey

Cushie Jessica G writes:
“I am writing a research paper for my final exam. My thesis is that Cushing’s syndrome/disease is not rare, but frequently missed or under-diagnosed.

I have created 2 separate surveys as part of my research. One survey is for people who are undiagnosed but currently seeking diagnosis, the other is for people who have been diagnosed and treated.

Please take these quick surveys. I’m hoping that by incorporating these statistics into my paper I can make a valid argument and help raise awareness for all of us.”

— survey for undiagnosed people

— survey for diagnosed people

One thought on “⁉️ Cushing’s Survey

  1. Hi, I am diagnosed but untreated. I’m too ill to be treated now after years of mistreatment.
    I would have loved to help your served but I’m not sure which to use.
    May I wish you the best of luck with your education. You can do it xx

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