Clear the Air

A great first Cushing’s Awareness Challenge post 🙂


I just want to be clear about something. I am not a blogging type of person. I use to see them as boring rants and often I still do. However, there is one month a year that Cushing’s patients are called to blog. We are so misunderstood. The disease impacts so many things. We go through life having things put on us that don’t apply. We need support and understanding. We have to stick with each other for understanding. Blogging is one way we can do that. We can unify. We can reach out. We can be heard.

I am a lifer. I have been through it and deal with the results of my treatment. Addressing my hormone replacements is more of an issue now for me that the Cushing’s Disease but I am still a lifer. Why? Cushing’s just isn’t a blip and then it is gone. It is…

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